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Special Orders


Estate Appraisals



NRA Approved Safety Courses






Gunsmithing. Full service gunsmithing services including accurizing, bluing, stock work, cleaning, repairs and restoration, as well as scope mounting and bore sighting.


Insurance Appraisals. Your homeowners or tenant-owners insurance policies have theft limitations on coverage for your firearms. For full coverage protection, you will need to schedule your firearms by endorsement to your policy. We offer written appraisals for this as well as assisting in replacement values of your firearms should

you suffer a loss.


Buy-Sell-Trade or Consignment. We do buy guns and will make you an offer depending on the condition, buyer demand and other factors. If you want to trade in a gun for another gun, we will give you fair market value for your gun. We also accept consignments and will establish the price with you. 


Transfers. We do accept the transfer of firearms you have purchased elsewhere, although we encourage you to check with us first to see if we can get the gun for you at the same or near the same price since there are transfer fee and shipping and handling charges. The charge for this is $30 for cash. $35 for credit card.

FFL Transfer Service



We provide Firearm Transfer services for the greater New England area. Whether you are receiving a firearm from an out-of-state dealer, or you are shipping a firearm out to an FFL dealer, B & K Sales, LLC is able to meet your needs.

FFL transfer of firearms purchased from private individuals or through auction sites on the internet can be handled by B & K Sales, LLC for a fee of $30.00 cash and $35.00 credit card per firearm.

Upon request, we will fax or e-mail a signed copy of our FFL to the dealer. (Note: Some dealers will only accept original signed copies of the FFL by postal mail). Once the seller receives your payment and a copy of our FFL, the firearm will be sent to us. Upon receipt of the firearm we will log it into our books and contact you (Be sure the dealer includes your contact info in the shipping container). When you come in to pick up your firearm, you will complete the Federal 4473 form and we will run the FBI NICS background check while you wait. (Usually less than five minutes). Upon receipt of approval from the FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check system and completion of the Massachusetts FA-10 form, we will deliver the firearm to you.

If you are transferring a firearm out of the state, there are many great resources on the internet to find an FFL Dealer to handle the transfer (Remember, a firearm can ONLY be shipped to someone who holds a Federal Firearm License or a firearms manufacturer). We will charge shipping plus a $30.00 flat fee to ship your firearm to the dealer of your choice.